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Industrial Security Awareness Council (ISAC)

What is ISAC

ISAC Objectives

ISAC Mission

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What is ISAC?

ISAC is an informal, non-profit association of defense contractors, Defense Security Service, and Federal Bureau of Investigation personnel as volunteers.  It was formed to assist defense contractors in compliance with the National Industrial Security program and with the protection of classified and company proprietary information through training for security personnel, provision of security awareness media and materials, and dissemination of counterintelligence and other security-related information.

The Greater Los Angeles ISAC, formed in 1988, was the first ISAC in the country, spawning the creation of numerous other regional ISACs.  Members of the Council represent various cleared defense contractor companies in the area.  Chairpersons for the various ISAC committees also attend the quarterly ISAC Council meetings.  The Greater LA ISAC continues to promote security awareness in the defense industry by focusing the collective energy and resources of government agencies and companies on projects of mutual concern and benefit.

ISAC Objectives

1) Act as a clearing house to more effectively manage resources and reduce duplication.

2) Create an awareness program which can reach smaller defense contractor firms.

3) Enhance the realization of company managers and employees that sound security practices are essential to contracts, profits and jobs.

What is the ISAC Mission?

The ISAC Council and the various committees were created in order to:

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